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Rewari Pin Code - Pin Code Of Rewari

Below is the list of all the 114 Pin Codes of Rewari

S.No. Post office Pincode Taluk City Delievery Type
1 Ahrod B.O 123102 Ahrod Rewari Delivery
2 Asiaki Gorawas B.O 123035 Rewari Rewari Delivery
3 B B Ashram B.O 123401 B B Ashram Rewari Delivery
4 Bachhod B.O 123021 Mandi Ateli Rewari Delivery
5 Badhrana B.O 123412 Rewari Rewari Delivery
6 Baghthala B.O 123501 Baghthala Rewari Delivery
7 Baldhan Kalan B.O 123411 Rewari Rewari Delivery
8 Balwari B.O 123103 Rewari Rewari Delivery
9 Banipur B.O 123501 Banipur Rewari Non-Delivery
10 Basbatori B.O 123101 Basbatori Rewari Delivery
11 Basduda B.O 123102 Basduda Rewari Non-Delivery
12 Bhakli B.O 123302 Bhakli Rewari Delivery
13 Bhatsana B.O 123106 Bhatsana Rewari Delivery
14 Bhojawas B.O 123034 Bhojawas Rewari Delivery
15 Bhotwas Ahir B.O 123101 Bhotwas Ahir Rewari Delivery
16 Bikaner B.O 123401 Bikaner Rewari Delivery
17 Bithwana B.O 123401 Bithwana Rewari Delivery
18 Bocharia B.O 123021 Mandi Ateli Rewari Delivery
19 Boria Kamalpur B.O 123401 Boria Kamalpur Rewari Delivery
20 Budhpur B.O 123401 Budhpur Rewari Delivery
21 Buroli B.O 123411 Buroli Rewari Delivery
22 Burthala B.O 123302 Bhrthala Rewari Delivery
23 Chita Dungra B.O 123102 Chita Dungra Rewari Non-Delivery
24 Dakhora B.O 123411 Dakhora Rewari Non-Delivery
25 Daroli B.O 123411 Daroli Rewari Delivery
26 Dehlawas Gulabpur B.O 123401 Dehlawas Gulabpur Rewari Delivery
27 Dewas B.O 123034 Dewas Rewari Delivery
28 Dhana B.O 123034 Dhana Rewari Delivery
29 Dharuhera S.O 123106 Dharuhera Rewari Delivery
30 Dhawana B.O 123103 Dhawana Rewari Non-Delivery
31 Dunderwas B.O 123106 Dunderwas Rewari Delivery
32 Garhi Bolni B.O 123401 Garhi Bolni Rewari Delivery
33 Gokal Bazar Rewari S.O 123401 Rewari Rewari Non-Delivery
34 Gokalgarh B.O 123401 Gokalgarh Rewari Non-Delivery
35 Gothra B.O 123102 Gothra Rewari Non-Delivery
36 Gothra B.O 123411 Gothera Rewari Non-Delivery
37 Gugodh B.O 123302 Gugodh Rewari Delivery
38 Gujar Majra B.O 123501 Gujar Majra Rewari Delivery
39 Guraora B.O 123035 Guraora Rewari Delivery
40 Guriani S.O 123301 Guriani Rewari Delivery
41 Industrial Area Dharuhera S.O 123110 Dharuhera Rewari Delivery
42 Jaisinghpur Khera B.O 123501 Jaisinghpur Khera Rewari Delivery
43 Jakhala B.O 123301 Jakhala Rewari Non-Delivery
44 Jatusa R.S. B.O 123401 Jatusana Rs Rewari Delivery
45 Jhabuwa B.O 123501 Jhabuwa Rewari Delivery
46 Jhagroli B.O 123034 Jhagroli Rewari Delivery
47 Jhal B.O 123302 Jhal Rewari Non-Delivery
48 Juddi B.O 123302 Juddi Rewari Non-Delivery
49 Kannaura B.O 123035 Kannaura Rewari Delivery
50 Kanwali B.O 123411 Kanwali Rewari Delivery
51 Karawara B.O 123035 Karawara Rewari Delivery
52 Karnawas B.O 123302 Karnawas Rewari Non-Delivery
53 Karnawas B.O 123401 Karnawas Rewari Non-Delivery
54 Khaleta B.O 123103 Khaleta Rewari Non-Delivery
55 Khandora B.O 123401 Khandora Rewari Non-Delivery
56 Kharkhara B.O 123106 Kharkhara Rewari Non-Delivery
57 Khol S.O 123103 Khol Rewari Delivery
58 Khori S.O 123101 Khori Rewari Delivery
59 Kolana B.O 123102 Kolana Rewari Delivery
60 Kosli R S B.O 123302 Kosli R S Rewari Non-Delivery
61 Kosli S.O 123302 Kosli Rewari Delivery
62 Kund S.O 123102 Kund Rewari Delivery
63 Lisan B.O 123411 Lisan Rewari Non-Delivery
64 Lula Ahir B.O 123302 Lula Ahir Rewari Non-Delivery
65 Maheshwari B.O 123106 Maheshwari Rewari Delivery
66 Majra Gurdas B.O 123401 Majra Gurdas Rewari Delivery
67 Majra Sheoraj B.O 123401 Majra Sheoraj majra Sheoraj Rewari Delivery
68 Mamaria Ahir B.O 123101 Mamaria Ahir Rewari Delivery
69 Mandi Ateli S.O 123021 Mandi Ateli Rewari Delivery
70 Mandola B.O 123103 Mandola Rewari Non-Delivery
71 Masani B.O 123106 Masani Rewari Delivery
72 Mastapur B.O 123401 Mastapur Rewari Delivery
73 Mayan B.O 123103 Mayan Rewari Non-Delivery
74 Model Town Rewari S.O 123401 Rewari Rewari Non-Delivery
75 Mohanpur B.O 123401 Mohanpur Rewari Delivery
76 Motla Kalan B.O 123411 Motla Kalan Rewari Delivery
77 Mundi B.O 123411 Mundi Rewari Delivery
78 Musepur B.O 123401 Musepur Rewari Delivery
79 Nahar S.O 123303 Nahar Rewari Delivery
80 Naichana B.O 123501 Naichana Rewari Delivery
81 Nand Rampurbass B.O 123106 Nand Rampurbas Rewari Delivery
82 Nangal B.O 123501 Nangal Rewari Delivery
83 Nangal Jamalpur B.O 123102 Nangal Jamalpur Rewari Delivery
84 Nangal Pathani B.O 123401 Nangal Pathani Rewari Non-Delivery
85 Nangal Teju B.O 123501 Nangal Teju Rewari Delivery
86 Nangli Godha B.O 123401 Nangli Godha Rewari Delivery
87 New Anaz Mandi Rewari S.O 123401 New Anaz Mandi Rewari Rewari Non-Delivery
88 Nimoth B.O 123411 Nimoth Rewari Delivery
89 Palhawas S.O 123035 Palhawas Rewari Delivery
90 Pali B.O 123102 Pali Rewari Non-Delivery
91 Pathera B.O 123034 Pathera Rewari Delivery
92 Pithrawas B.O 123101 Rewari Rewari Delivery
93 Pranpura B.O 123501 Pranpura Rewari Delivery
94 Punsika B.O 123101 Punsika Rewari Delivery
95 Rajgarh B.O 123412 Rajgarh Rewari Non-Delivery
96 Raliawas B.O 123106 Raliawas Rewari Delivery
97 Rampuri B.O 123411 Rampuri Rewari Delivery
98 Rattanthal B.O 123301 Rattanthal Rewari Delivery
99 Rewari S.O 123401 Rewari Rewari Delivery
100 Rohrai B.O 123401 Rohrai Rewari Delivery
101 Sadat Nagar B.O 123302 Sadat Nagar Rewari Non-Delivery
102 Saharanwas B.O 123401 Saharanwas Rewari Delivery
103 Sangwari B.O 123401 Sangwari Rewari Delivery
104 Shyam Nagar B.O 123302 Shayam Nagar Rewari Non-Delivery
105 Siha B.O 123411 Siha Rewari Non-Delivery
106 Sulkha B.O 123401 Sulkha Rewari Delivery
107 Sundrah B.O 123034 Sundrah Rewari Delivery
108 Surethi B.O 123302 Surethi Rewari Non-Delivery
109 Suthana B.O 123501 Suthana Rewari Delivery
110 Tankri B.O 123412 Tankri Rewari Delivery
111 Tehsil Road Rewari S.O 123401 Rewari Rewari Non-Delivery
112 Tint B.O 123101 Tint Rewari Delivery
113 Tumna B.O 123302 Tumna Rewari Non-Delivery
114 Zainabad B.O 123411 Zainabad Rewari Non-Delivery

What is the Pin Code of Rewari,India ?

List of all Pincodes of Rewari,India ?

How many Post Offices are there in Rewari ,India ?

There are total 114 Post Offices in Rewari ,India with other details.

Did you know ?

Did you know that Rewari has total 114 Pincodes and post offices

There are total 19 districts in HARYANA state in which Rewari is one of them, that is very famous and growing district of HARYANA. Total 41 places list of Rewari district with Pin code, taluk, division, sub division, circle, region, and contacts are available on Address Adda. There are so many blocks in Rewari District like Ahrod B.O, Asiaki Gorawas B.O, B B Ashram B.O, Bachhod B.O, Badhrana B.O, Baghthala B.O, Baldhan Kalan B.O, Balwari B.O, Banipur B.O, Basbatori B.O, Basduda B.O, Bhakli B.O, Bhatsana B.O, Bhojawas B.O, Bhotwas Ahir B.O, Bikaner B.O, Bithwana B.O, Bocharia B.O, Boria Kamalpur B.O, Budhpur B.O, Buroli B.O, Burthala B.O, Chita Dungra B.O, Dakhora B.O, Daroli B.O, Dehlawas Gulabpur B.O, Dewas B.O, Dhana B.O, Dharuhera S.O, Dhawana B.O etc. All pin codes of all blocks and taluks of Rewari is available here.

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