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Pincode Of Muzaffarpur

Below is the list of all the Pincodes of Muzaffarpur




















What is the Pin Code of Muzaffarpur,India ?

List of all the Pin Code of Muzaffarpur,India ?

How many Post Offices are there in Muzaffarpur ,India ?

Below is the list of total 437 Post Offices in Muzaffarpur ,India with other details.

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What is PIN Code number ?

Indian Postal Services use Postal Index Number(PIN) also called as Pincode for numbering Post Offices. PIN Code is a 6 digit numerical code used to find delivery Post Offices in India. The PIN codes provided by Indian Postal Services are divided in 9 zones. The first digit represents the region,second digits represents the sub-region whereas the third digit represents the district of that particular region.

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There are total 38 districts in BIHAR state in which is one of them, that is very famous and growing district of BIHAR. Total 437 places list of district with Pin code, taluk, division, sub division, circle, region, and contacts are available on Address Adda. There are so many blocks in District like A.Bishanpur B.O, A.Purushotampur B.O, Adigopalpur B.O, Aghoria Bazaar S.O, Ahiyapur B.O, Ajna Kot B.O, Alinagar Leorhan B.O, Amaitha B.O, Amarakh B.O, Amgola S.O, Amma B.O, Amnaur B.O, Anant Kamtaul B.O, Athar B.O, Atrar B.O, Aura B.O, Aurai S.O (Muzaffarpur), Azizpur B.O, B.,mahanand B.O, B.Baghnagari B.O, B.Bajitpur B.O, B.Bakhari B.O, B.Barna B.O, B.Basudeo B.O, B.Factory B.O, B.Firoj B.O, B.Kalyan B.O, B.Karman B.O, B.Kesho B.O, B.Kesho B.O, B.M.P-VI S.O, B.Muza B.O, B.Nijamat B.O, B.Pandey B.O, B.Rudal B.O, B.Umapat Basant B.O, Baburban Tajpur B.O, Baghakhal B.O, Baghi S.O (Muzaffarpur), Bahdinpur B.O, Bahilwara Bhual B.O, Bahilwara Govind B.O, Bahilwara Roopnath B.O, Bajitpur B.O, Bakatpur B.O, Bakhari B.O, Bakhra S.O, Balaur B.O, Balour B.O, Balra Ismail B.O, Balthi Mushahari B.O, Balthi Narhar B.O, Bandpura B.O, Bandra B.O, Bara Daud B.O, Baraitha B.O, Barhad B.O, Barhanda B.O, Bariarpur Karpur B.O, Bariarpur S.O (Muzaffarpur), Barjee B.O, Baruary B.O, Baruraj B.O, Basara Shukul B.O, Basatpur B.O, Basauli B.O, Bashantpur Patti B.O, Basua B.O, Basudeo Sarai B.O, Bedaul Asli B.O, Beladam B.O, Benibad B.O, Berai B.O, Berua B.O, Bhadai B.O, Bhagwanpur B.O, Bhagwanpur B.O, Bhagwatpur B.O, Bhalura B.O, Bhartipur B.O, Bharwari S.O (MuzaffarpB.O, Bhatauna B.O, Bihar University S.O, Binda B.O, Birihma Bazar S.O, Birpur B.O, Bishundatpur B.O, Bishunpur Patti B.O, Bochaha S.O, Brahampura B.O, Brahmapura B.O, Brindawan B.O, Budhnagra Radha B.O, Ch. Harishankar B.O, Chahuta B.O, Chainpur B.O, Chainpur Bangra B.O, Chak Sarmastpur B.O, Chak Shambhu B.O, Chakna B.O, Chakwaja Nagma B.O, Chamarua B.O, Chandanpatti S.O, Chandrahatti B.O, Chapra Dharampur Jaddu B.O, Chapra Megh B.O, Charhua B.O, Chatursi B.O, Chhap B.O, Chhata Bazar S.O (Muzaffarpur), Chhatauni B.O, Chhitrauli B.O, Chiraila B.O, Chochahi Chapra B.O, Chochahi Saraiya B.O, Chorghatta B.O, Choubey Ambara B.O, Choumukh B.O, CRPF Camp B.O, D.A.College S.O, D.R.Sah B.O, Dahila B.O, Dakrama B.O, Damodarpur B.O, Dargah Bela B.O, Dariyapur Kafen B.O, Daud Chapra B.O, Daudpur B.O, Dehuli Buzurg B.O, Deoria S.O (Muzaffarpur), Dhanaiya B.O, Dhanaur B.O, Dharampur B.O, Dharfari B.O, Dholi S.O, Dih Jiwar B.O, Dubaha Buzurg B.O, Dubiahi B.O, Dumari B.O, Fateha B.O, Fatehabad B.O, G.Dharampur B.O, G.K.Nagar B.O, G.Pitaunjhia B.O, Gaighat B.O, Gangeya B.O, Ganiari B.O, Garahua B.O, Gaus Nagar B.O, Geyaspur S.O, Gharbhara B.O, Ghosaut B.O, Ghosrama B.O, Gidha S.O, Ginjas B.O, Girigama Dih B.O, Godanpatti B.O, Gokhula Rupauli B.O, Gopalpur Neora B.O, Gorigama B.O, Govindpur Bejha B.O, Govindpur Bela B.O, H.Khanpur B.O, H.Manshahi B.O, Hanswara B.O, Hardi S.O (Muzaffarpur), Haridaspur B.O, Harkhauli B.O, Harnahi B.O, Harser B.O, Hasna B.O, Hussepur B.O, I.R.Nagar B.O, Ibrahimpur B.O, Imlichatti S.O, Jagdishpur B.O, Jagdishpur Baghnagari B.O, Jaimal Dumari B.O, Jaintpur Estate S.O, Jalalpur B.O, Jamalabad B.O, Jamalpur B.O, Jamin Mathia B.O, Janar B.O, Janta B.O, Jarang Deorhi B.O, Jasauli B.O, Jasoda Math B.O, Jhapaha B.O, Jhikati B.O, Jhingaha B.O, Jita Chapra B.O, K.Babhangaon B.O, K.Bithraul B.O, K.H.Ramani B.O, K.Madhuban B.O, K.Mohan B.O, K.Pirochha B.O, Kabilpur B.O, Kachhi Sarai B.O, Kafen B.O, Kalwari S.O (Muzaffarpur), Kalyani S.O, Kalyanpur B.O, Kamalpura B.O, Kamarthu B.O, Kanhara B.O, Kanhauli Azra S.O, Kanti S.O, Kanti T.P.S. S.O, Karamwari B.O, Karja B.O, Karja S.O, Katesar B.O, Kathaiya S.O, Katra S.O (Muzaffarpur), Keotsa Baruari S.O, Kerma B.O, Keshopur B.O, Khabra S.O, Khangura B.O, Kharauna B.O, Kharhar B.O, Kheshramadih B.O, Khutahi B.O, Kinaru B.O, Kodaria B.O, Kokilwara B.O, Kolwara B.O, Koria Nizamat B.O, Korlahia Mansingh B.O, Krishnawara B.O, Kurhani S.O, Kurnowl S.O, Ladaura Pakari B.O, Lakhanpur B.O, Laloo Chapra B.O, Lautan B.O, Laxman Nagar B.O, Lohsari B.O, Loma B.O, M.Badal B.O, M.Balmi B.O, M.Farakpur B.O, M.Gopinathpur B.O, M.Hazari B.O, M.I.C. S.O, M.I.T. S.O, M.Pachdahi B.O, M.Susta B.O, Machhahi B.O, Madhaul B.O, Madhopur B.O, Madhubani B.O, Mahanth Maniari B.O, Mahartha B.O, Mahdaiya B.O, Maheshwara B.O, Mahindwara B.O, Mahmada B.O, Mahual R.S. B.O, Maithi B.O, Majhaulia B.O, Maksudpur B.O, Malighat Maniari S.O, Malpur Agrail B.O, Malpur B.O, Manain B.O, Manika B.O, Manohar Chapra B.O, Manpur Ratnauli B.O, Mansoorpur B.O, Maripur B.O, Markan B.O, Marwan B.O, Marwan B.O, Mathna Mallik B.O, Matihani B.O, Meghua B.O, Mehshi B.O, Minapur S.O, Mirapur B.O, Mirzapur B.O, Mohabatpur B.O, Mohamadpur B.O, Mohjama B.O, Morsandi B.O, Motijheel S.O (Muzaffarpur), Motipur S.O, Munni Bangari B.O, Mushahari Farm B.O, Mustafaganj B.O, Mustafapur B.O, Mutlupur B.O, Muz. Collectorate S.O, Muza Patrahia B.O, Muzaffarpur Court S.O, Muzaffarpur H.O, N.Champapur B.O, Narauli B.O, Nariar Panapur B.O, Narma S.O, Narsinghpur B.O, Narsinghpur B.O, Narwara B.O, Naya Tola S.O (MuzaffarpB.O, Neknampur B.O, Newa Nagar B.O, Newachak B.O, Noonfara B.O, Olipur Sarhachia B.O, P.Basarat B.O, P.Bishanpur B.O, P.Kolhua B.O, P.Mushahari B.O, P.Shyam B.O, P.T.Jiwar B.O, Padmaul B.O, Pagahia Aima B.O, Pahsaul B.O, Paigambarpur B.O, Pakari Pakohi B.O, Pakhnaha Shriram B.O, Pakki Sarai S.O, Pana Chapra B.O, Panapur Akhtiarpur B.O, Panapur Kariat B.O, Paraspatti B.O, Paroo S.O, Parsauni Nath B.O, Parsauni Nath B.O, Parsauni Pagahia B.O, Partapur B.O, Patahi S.O (Muzaffarpur), Patsara B.O, Patti Aswari B.O, Phular B.O, Phulwaria B.O, Piar S.O, Pilkhi Gajpatti B.O, Pindauli B.O, Pipra Asli B.O, Pirapur B.O, Pitaunjhia B.O, Prahladpur B.O, Purani Bazar S.O, R.D.S.College S.O, R.K.Ashram B.O, R.K.Malahi B.O, R.Saghari B.O, Raghai B.O, Raghunathpur B.O, Raini B.O, Raja Pakar B.O, Raja Rampur B.O, Rajala B.O, Rajepur B.O, Rajkhand B.O, Rajwara B.O, Raksha B.O, Ram Nagar B.O, Ramna S.O (Muzaffarpur), Rampur Bheriahi B.O, Rampur Dayal B.O, Rampur Hari S.O, Rampur Mina B.O, Ratnauli B.O, Ratwara B.O, Ratwara Bindwara B.O, Repura Mahadeo B.O, Repura R.Bishwanath B.O, Rewa Basantpur B.O, Rup Chapra B.O, Rupauli B.O, S.Barkagaon B.O, S.Jahangirpur B.O, S.Muraul B.O, S.S.K.Bhawan S.O, S.Sandha B.O, Sadiquepur B.O, Sagahari B.O, Sahbajpur Puraina B.O, Sahi Minapur B.O, Sahpur Maricha B.O, Sahpurpatti B.O, Sainpatti S.P.Singh B.O, Sakari Saraiya B.O, Sakarwara B.O, Sanathi B.O, Sangopatti B.O, Saraiya B.O, Saraiya B.O, Saraiya Bazar B.O, Saraiya Factory S.O, Saraiyaganj S.O, Sarfuddinpur S.O, Sarhachia B.O, Sarmastpur B.O, Sarwarpur B.O, Seodaha Barail B.O, Shahila Balli B.O, Shahila Rampur B.O, Sheikhpur B.O, Shirsia Jagdish B.O, Shitalpatti B.O, Shivdaspur B.O, Shrikant B.O, Siho B.O, Sikandarpur S.O (Muzaffarpur), Silout S.O, Simra Urf Afzalpur B.O, Singar B.O, Sirkhiria B.O, Sirkohia B.O, Sirsia Buzurg B.O, Siwaipatti B.O, Sohansa B.O, Sonbarsa B.O, Sonbarsa Dih B.O, Sonepur B.O, Subhaigarh B.O, Subhankarpur B.O, Sundar Sarai B.O, Sundarpur B.O, Susta B.O, Susta B.O, Tarawa B.O, Tengraha B.O, Tengrari B.O, Tepari B.O, Thikaha Basudeo B.O, Titra Ashanand B.O, Tola Muza B.O, Turki Khararu B.O, Turki S.O, Umanagar S.O, Unsar B.O etc. All pin codes of all blocks and taluks of is available here.